Dominic Peel

About this project

This project aims to provide an interactive way to explore the Bible using 3D visualisation techniques. I have used a machine learning algorithm to create a high-dimensional embedding of each chapter in the Bible, which captures the semantic similarities between the texts. These embeddings are then reduced into 3D space using t-SNE.

In the 3D plot, each point represents a chapter from the Bible, and the points are colored based on the book they belong to. The color scale ranges from dark blue (books closer to the beginning of the Bible) to dark red (books closer to the end of the Bible). You can interact with the plot by clicking on the points to reveal more information about the respective chapter, such as the book, chapter number, and the text content.

Additionally, when you click on a point, the plot will display the nearest neighbors of the selected chapter, based on cosine similarity of their 3d embeddings. This allows you to explore similar chapters and better understand the relationships between different parts of the Bible.